Lesson planning for reading in 2021-2022, go digital!

Lesson Planning for Reading in 2021-2022

Lesson Planning for reading in 2021-2022 is going to be more organized and easier for me than last year and I want to help you do the same!  I am going digital. If you are interested in what that is going to look like, please keep reading. Even if digital planning isn’t for you, I have some reading lesson planning suggestions you won’t want to miss. The daily lesson planning template I have will work for small groups in the classroom or intervention groups. 

Lesson Planning for Reading Intervention

Lesson planning for reading can be challenging and time-consuming.  Let’s change that! 

The students and I all benefit from using a lesson template.  (More specifically about the template I use in a moment.)  I benefit from using a template because I stay organized, I don’t forget anything, and I can relax because I know I am covering what students need.

The students benefit from my using a template because they know what to expect in every lesson.  All students benefit from structure.  The students I work with in intervention benefit the most.  It makes them feel secure and confident.  They know they can be successful.  

Technology in Lesson Planning for Reading

Technology in lesson planning for reading is something new for me.  The last year has forced many of us to become more comfortable with technology and learn new things. So I am jumping into digital lesson planning!  

What finally convinced me to give it a try is that I have been using this digital teacher business planner from Kristi DeRoche.   I so need to get rid of the paper in my life! I can’t ever find the paper I need anyway. Ugh!  This digital planner has helped me with that problem in my business. 

Okay, and we moved into a new building in March of this year where I have my own projector and a brand new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. It just seems like I should get on board with digital planning!

There are many great digital teacher planners out there for classroom teachers. However, I could not find one that would recreate the lesson plan binder I use for interventions. I work with students K-6. Those students change several times a year.  The information I keep is a little different from what a classroom teacher keeps.  The intervention materials change depending on the grade level and I am used to keeping individual binders for each group I work with. 

I don’t have a need to keep daily events in a planner as I use Google Calendar and it syncs with our school calendar.  So that is my go-to for special events, meetings, and events that don’t happen every day. If I tried to keep another calendar or planner up to date with that I would drive myself crazy. 

I kept coming back to wanting to just recreate a lesson binder like the 3-ring binder I am used to in a digital format. So that is what I created! I didn’t just recreate something to replace that paper binder. I created something that is flexible, customizable, and more powerful than my paper binder could ever be. 

You can purchase my digital lesson planning for reading notebook in my Teachers Pay Teacher store. Click the picture to take you there!

Daily Lesson Planning Template for Reading Intervention

I started with the daily lesson planning template I use. That is the heart of reading instruction in my reading room. This binder had to be something that would improve teaching and learning. 

Read more about a structured phonics lesson plan here from The 95% Group.  

Below is a sample lesson I wrote to go with the classroom curriculum for one of my first-grade groups. I will be writing more in the coming weeks about the sections of this lesson plan template for reading intervention.  

Here is a sample of the daily lesson planning template completed for a 1st Grade reading group.

The blank template is included in the digital lesson plan notebook I have created.  

I can then copy and paste that daily lesson planning template into the page that is linked to each day of the week.  The other powerful aspect of the digital notebook is that each day of the week on the monthly calendar is hyperlinked to the corresponding lesson planning page.  

Organizing Reading Assessment Data for Lesson Planning

Part of lesson planning for reading is using data to drive instruction.  I can now organize that all in one digital teacher planner as well! 

I have a summary page for each student. Sometimes I just need to know the raw scores.  That is what the summary page is for. It will be a great spot to get that big picture view for each student on one single page. 

When I want more of the details, I will have a page to keep a copy of each assessment. Here is where going digital is going to really pay off. I will be able to ditch the paper copies and write and score right in the digital notebook. The best way to get a picture of how this is going to work, I suggest you watch the video where I do a walkthrough of the entire notebook.   I love that I can keep the small thumbnails on one page and just enlarge them when I want to work with them! 

Which Reading Assessments do I Use? 

District-wide we use FastBridge for screening and benchmarking.  For diagnostic purposes I use the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Assessment for K-1 students and Dr. David Kilpatrick’s PAST Assessment for 2nd-6th grade students for phonological awareness information.  I then use CORE Phonics Survey for phonics information.  

I used the customizable sections in the notebook to organize those assessments just mentioned.  That way I have all of the data I need at my fingertips for collaboration meetings or parent conferences.  I can still easily print it if needed.  

That’s it!  That is how lesson Planning for reading in 2021-2022 is going to be more organized and easier for me than ever.  If you have any questions about the digital lesson notebook or any of the content I covered in this post, feel free to send me an email at tprt@thepurplereadingteacher.com.

Check out the video tour below!   

Share the Joy of the Science of Reading

Share the joy of teaching and learning to read!  If you like this post, share it with a friend.  Find more beginning reading resources, early literacy resources, and information throughout my blog and website. I am on a mission to help as many students learn to read as I possibly can.  The best way to do this is to help as many parents and educators that teach reading as possible. I only post teaching and learning information that is research-proven.  I fully support and believe in the Science of Reading.

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