Opportunities to Respond

The number of opportunities to respond during a reading lesson is something I have been hearing quite a bit about lately.  I recently attended an online conference all around Dyslexia and it came up in more than one presentation. If we want our students to master what we are teaching,

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My Journey to The Science of Reading

Science of Reading: The Beginning of my Journey My journey to the science of reading really started before I went to Kindergarten.  I went to Kindergarten ready to read.  As long ago as I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher.  When I graduated with my undergraduate degree

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Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondence

What is Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondence? The term phoneme-grapheme correspondence is the matching of the sounds we say to the letters and letter combinations we use to spell the words we say. Most Common Sounds When children are first learning the sounds that letters make, it is helpful to introduce only the

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CVC Words Segmenting and Blending

CVC Words segmenting and blending is essential to learning to read and spell. CVC Words Words that have a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern are therefore called CVC words.  So examples of CVC words would be:  cat, net, wig, log, and sun. One of the important concepts in learning to read CVC words

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Hi, I'm Jenelle!

I help teachers teach with the science of reading so that their students learn to read. 

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